Banana ripening rooms

Perfected innovative technology for soft-ripe or conventional ripening.


As one of the market leaders in Europe, we produce ripening rooms with literally “ripe” technology. Our long experience of the most diverse requirements unlocks unprecedented possibilities that leave nothing to be desired.

No matter whether you require pressurised ripening rooms with tarpaulin covering, airbag technology or a permanent ceiling, in single, two or even three-storey versions – we implement your wishes with innovative solutions, professionally and reliably.

We also provide matching access and door/gate systems and can adapt solutions to perfectly suit your individual wishes and structural on-site conditions. Our gas-tight P+W lift doors are developed and produced by us at our factory as special banana room doors in a highly insulated sandwich design. Together with our customers  we continually develop cutting-edge innovations.

Discuss your project with us so we can seek the right solution with you.