New technologies in panel construction

Would you like to build sustainably and in a way that conserves resources?

In panel construction, too, more and more suppliers are taking the path of sustainability development to reduce CO2 emissions.

Comparable with the decision for green electricity, up to 50% of the CO2 emissions can be saved compared to the conventional manufacturing process due to the comparatively low additional material costs without loss of quality.

In order to achieve this goal, the manufacturers rely on different processes.
For example, PU foam can be produced on the basis of biological waste materials, or the material properties can be changed in such a way that less raw materials are required for production with the same insulation properties.

For you as the building owner, this results in new, certified CO2 savings potential.
Combined with the long service life and very good insulation properties, panels will continue to be one of the key building materials for new buildings and conversions in the future.

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