Gas-tight cold stores (CA/ULO/DCA)

Gas-tight cold stores (CA/ULO/DCA) and proven gate/door systems.

Mehrere Tores in unterschiedlichen Farbausführungen für gasdichte Lagerräume (CA-Lager, NA-Lager, ULO-Lager, DCA-Lager) der Firma Plattenhardt+Wirth. Die Hubtore sind in diesem Fall platzsparrender für die langfristige Lagerung der Lebensmittel.
Aussentüre für ein Kühlraumtor  in gasdichten Lagerräumen (CA-Lager, NA-Lager, ULO-Lager, DCA-Lager) der Firma Plattenhardt+Wirth. Durch die seitlichen Abpresshebel kann der Verschluss für die langrfristige Lebensmittellagerung sichergestellt werden.
Eine "Lunge" für die Kältetechnik und den Druckausgleich in gasdichten Lagerräumen (CA-Lager, NA-Lager, ULO-Lager, DCA-Lager) der Firma Plattenhardt+Wirth. Dadurch kann der Druck bei entzug der Innenluft geregelt werden.

Fruit and vegetable storage

CA-Storages ("controlled atmosphere stores") are an agricultural storage technology for long-term storage of pome fruit such as apples or pears. The aim is to avoid quantity and quality losses over the period from storage to delivery to the customer.

After the harvest, the supply of the food via the leaves and roots is interrupted and natural ripening begins. With the help of the latest technology and a high-quality CA -Storages, this process is reduced to a possible minimum to ensure the desired characteristics such as quality, color, taste, consistency and quantity.

Only optimal storage of fruit and vegetables with absolutely evenly low oxygen and carbon dioxide values ensures that you can still offer flawless and fresh goods even after months. Our in-house ULO doors work according to the tried and tested principle of static contact force and thus guarantee the highest level of security for the CA-Storage of your products.

We would also be happy to plan custom-built CA/ULO long-term storage facilities, dispatch areas and sorting rooms for you. Our professional fitters ensure reliable punctual implementation. When constructing gas-tight storage rooms, we focus on providing lasting, resilient quality down to the last detail, and make a point of not using elements that require a lot of maintenance.

Discuss your project with us so we can seek the right solution with you.