AutoStore warehouse enclosures

Automated small parts warehouse (AutoStore) reliably enclosed.

Air-tight enclosures consisting of sandwich elements (PIR or MIWO core),  to protect sensitive and high quality products from fire in an oxygen-reduced (inert) environment.

AutoStore warehouses enable very compact storage of small parts in plastic containers, which the system simply stacks on top of one other. Storage is carried out according to the chaotic principle, which means that only the computer knows where containers or goods are located within the warehouse system. With AutoStore incoming goods and order picking tasks are carried out at so-called ports, manned by employees who remove or insert goods.

The containers frequently hold a stock of high-quality and expensive goods (such as electrical items, some of which with batteries)  They therefore represent an additional fire risk. To avoid a fire in the warehouse, the oxygen content in the storage area is lowered to the specific limit of the stored goods, so that the risk of fire is excluded from the outset. Fire is thus actively prevented rather than adopting passive measures including sprinklers and the like, which, in some cases, cause massive water damage. 

In this oxygen-reduced atmosphere, the presence of an air-tight enclosure is essential in order to maintain oxygen levels and to minimise overheads for the oxygen reduction system. 

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