Cold storage - deep-freeze storage

Cold stores, walk-in freezers and blast freezer rooms – we are the experts.

Designed heating cables with compensating rings manufactured by the cold store and implemented by the deep-freeze store at Plattenhardt + Wirth

Environmentally friendly, high quality and CFC-free components create optimal framework conditions. Groceries and other products can be stored safely and hygienically with a professional cold store / deep freeze store without having to worry about the shelf life or condition of your goods and products.

High-quality cold storage and automated deep-freeze storage have become indispensable in many areas. The cold ensures safe long-term storage of a wide variety of products that would spoil in a short time outside the cool environment. The controlled temperatures contribute to an extended life cycle of the stored products and thus preserve both their quality and their properties.

The bearings are usually classified on the basis of the temperature control that is used within the system. While warehouses with a controlled temperature between +4 and +10 degrees Celsius are considered cold storage, warehouses with a controlled temperature between -30 and 0 degrees Celsius are called deep-freeze storage.

Cold stores are typically refrigerated warehouses or rooms designed to maintain a constant low temperature. The goal of cold storage is to slow down the natural processes of spoilage that occur in commodities such as fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products. By storing these products at low temperatures, it is possible to extend their shelf life and maintain their freshness and quality over longer periods. Cold storage is widely used in the food industry, as well as other industries that require long-term storage of products.

A cold store is not only used for storage, but also for the procurement, processing, order picking or production of goods. Meeting the requirements of the various specialist areas such as the pharmaceutical, food and logistics industries is our daily requirement in cold storage and deep-freeze storage.

Plattenhardt + Wirth always stays at the cutting edge of technology for optimal cold storage. This creates individual solutions that design a cold store exactly according to your requirements and needs. Meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, medicine and other pharmaceutical products can thus be safely processed or stored.

The joint development of the requirements and necessary properties of the cold store and deep freeze store with our customers is the basis for the subsequent successful operation. The operational processes and the safety of the goods are guaranteed by Plattenhardt + Wirth's own planning, assembly and service department during the building cycle. We have been living full coverage of the range of services and full support for over 50 years.

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